12 Practical Summer Items We’re Backing This Season

While I’ve certainly made questionable fashion purchases this year (my green velvet flares immediately come to mind), my current mindset has been to buy smart. That means scaling back on things I don’t need, items I don’t instantly love, and pieces that are so fashion-y that they’ll likely fade in a few months’ time. Here’s where my newly adopted  cost-per-wear approach comes in: the more you wear it, the less the item theoretically costs over time leading to a bigger value. And a low cost per wear is precisely how I’m hoping my future wardrobe operates.

As I continue to build out my wardrobe for the season ahead, I’m looking for staples that don’t require me to think— pieces I can simply slip it on and be confident that it works. Below, I’ve assembled all of the new clothing staples that fit this category. Classic with a hint of trendy, they’re so versatile, they just make sense to add them now. Keep clicking below to see the full list.

Author: Manuel

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