12 Taupe Nail Colors To Try Out

You really can’t go wrong with a neutral nail color. The hues work with just about any outfit and are perfect for any occasion. They’re really not meant to stand out or make a statement, but they do a good job of enhancing your look and adding some polish to it (pun intended).

My favorite neutral of the moment is taupe. I know, I know, a lot of people say that neutrals (including taupe!) are boring, but I’m here to make a case for the versatile color. The reason why taupe is my go-to right now is that it’s the perfect balance of being a neutral, yet it still having some interest. Unlike a totally nude polish, taupe is a bit darker and can have tones of purple, mauve, or gray in some shades. It’s just a nice step up if you want the neutral look, but looking for a little bit more oomph. And I don’t think it looks as good on your fingernails as well as your toes.

Seriously, try it for your next manicure, or when you’re looking for a new neutral. Take a look at some great shades below.

Author: Manuel

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