14 Summer Nail Designs That Are So Chic for 2022

I’ll be honest: I don’t do my nails often. I usually keep them bare and add nail polish here and there, but my nails stay simple for the better part of the year. But when summer rolls around, I’m immediately in the mood to get playful and start to save a plethora of bright and fun manicure designs to my Instagram Saved folder.

I’m already starting to think about which designs or colors I may want to try out. There are so many options out there—just a scroll on Instagram (and TikTok, with the nail transition videos) can lead to endless possibilities. For inspiration, I tapped through some of my favorite nail accounts and pinpointed the designs that I think will be perfect for the season ahead. Hint: They’re all very fun, so be prepared to smile.

Take a look below, and start envisioning these on your nails. You know I’ve already done it for all of the options.

Author: Manuel

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