3 Unisex Jewelry Brands Everyone Should Know

The fashion industry’s long-held commitment to rigid gender lines is finally loosening. On the one hand, you have established houses such as Gucci and Saint Laurent combining their men’s and womenswear shows into one, and on the other, emerging labels such as Bode and Telfar are quite simply catering to everyone. But nobody else in fashion has been erasing these gender lines quite as much as certain jewelry brands have. Of course, unisex jewelry is nothing new, but take a look at music, pop culture, and fashion right now, and you’ll see an explosion of both A-list men dripping in jewels and the brands that are working to underscore this idea: Jewelry is not just for girls. 

It’s always a good time to celebrate the crumbling of archaic boundaries, but with Pride Month wrapping up soon, we wanted to shed light on the names that are making gender-free jewelry a thing. Ahead, get to know three unisex jewelry brands—Missoma, Pattaraphan, and Arsn the Label—whose cool designs are superseding identity, and, of course, shop our favorite pieces from their lines.

Author: Manuel

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