30 Chic Summer Hats for Every Activity

Summer is coming up fast, meaning the UV rays are strong right now. While I’m mostly thrilled about that fact, the skincare freak in me is starting to panic. Of course, I slather myself in sunscreen more meticulously during the summer months, but the idea of so much sun directly on my face gives me pause. Thankfully, fun hats are having a major moment this year, so I plan on joining the rest of the fashion set and adding one to every outfit, as I’m clearly I’m not the only one all about sun protection. 

Virtually every summer style aesthetic includes some version of a hat, so there’s an option to suit everyone’s personal style and activity of choice. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hiking in the mountains, hanging on the beach, or dining alfresco, the addition of a cute hat elevates your look and protects your face from harmful UV rays. Plus, there are endless stylish hat options out there right now. Below, I’m highlighting the chic summer hats I’ve been saving that cover every activity on your calendar—we’re doing hat-girl summer in 2022.

Author: Manuel

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