30 Exciting Summer Finds That Are 100% Main Character Vibes

You may have noticed a new term roaming the internet streets. The phrase “main character energy” has lit up Tik Tok and other social media apps alike, and means quite literally as it sounds: If life were a movie, that person would have the starring role or be the main character. In internet speak it’s a compliment of the highest regard: when someone or something is so impactful it demands to be the center of attention. And in the context of fashion, it’s the ultimate expression of praise in internet language. The below fashion finds are just that. 

It’s really no surprise that some of this season’s big trends embody “main character energy” to its fullest: bold prints, risque sheer cuts, and Y2K style are nothing short of daring and controversial. So naturally, as a trend enthusiast, almost everything on my current shopping wishlist could only be described as worthy of being the protagonist. If you’re ready to be the star of the show, keep clicking below to shop 30 exhilarating fashion finds.

Author: Manuel

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