5 Best American Eagle Jeans Styles

I can’t start this story without discussing the absolute hold that American Eagle had on me during high school. When I was shopping for jeans and basic tops, it was one of the first stores I would stop at on my beloved mall trips. I can distinctly remember the layout of my local store and the fact that there was always a great soundtrack playing. This was during a time before Shazam existed, so when I heard a song I liked, I’d immediately stop to jot down some of the lyrics so I could search for it online when I got home. But I digress. With all of this in mind, it delighted me to check in with AE after all these years and see that those nostalgic vibes still exist and that the denim selection is just as cool as ever. Hello, ’90s- and Y2K-inspired styles.

I had the pleasure of browsing American Eagle to see what the brand’s most popular jeans styles are at the moment. From fun flares to baggy options and classic high-waisted jeans, there is something for every personal style. Lara Knight—AE’s vice president of design, men’s and women’s bottoms and outerwear—was kind enough to share top denim picks along with some insight into each design. Ahead, shop five of the coolest AE jeans styles of the season.


Author: Manuel

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