5 Outfit Mistakes a Nordstrom Buyer Tries to Avoid

Susie Wright is consistently filled with great style tips. After all, she not only has a chic personal style but is also full of sartorial knowledge with her work as a former Nordstrom buyer and as a stylist and blogger with So Susie. Wright let us know that there are a few outfit mistakes she tries to avoid when putting together her version of the perfect look. Of course, it’s always smart to remember that everyone has their own style journey and the idea of a “mistake” may vary from person to person. 

Below you’ll uncover more from Wright about the tricks she keeps in the back of her mind when she’s creating a look. There’s also a range of actual outfit references from her to use as inspiration, along with shopping recommendations if you want to add something fresh to your wardrobe this season.

Author: Manuel

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