5 Simple Yet Chic Outfits Approved by a Fashion Editor

This summer, it seems like there have never been so many different aesthetics fighting for our attention. Do we go the super-glam Bridgerton-inspired princesscore route, or the cool on-trend, coastal grandma look? Are you more of a Y2K, micro skirt–loving, fashion person, or are you all about the sporty chic, tennis club, on the golf course vibe?

For me, I am leaning towards the simple yet elevated, model-off-duty, casual summer look. This is new for me, as I usually go all out when it comes to my outfits. I am not afraid of bold colors or out-of-the-norm silhouettes, so usually when I see pieces like this I get excited to try them on and end up collecting a ton of statement pieces that don’t exactly work with my day-to-day life. That said, I have switched gears to a simpler everyday style, without sacrificing any style, cool factor, or personality. I’ve found five outfit formulas that are so easy and chic I can guarantee you’ll be wearing them on repeat. 

Keep scrolling to check out the simple yet fashionable outfits that never fail.

Author: Manuel

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