6 Summer Staples Parisians Wear With Non-Skinny Jeans

I consider skinny jeans to be a more classic denim choice at this point despite their sometimes polarizing nature. On that note, relaxed jeans have been the forward choice among the fashion crowd over the last few seasons. And yes, this includes French style setters. Given that Parisians are often known for their effortless sartorial sensibilities with that je ne sais quoi, the relaxed denim choice doesn’t come as much of a surprise. 

In fact, when scrolling through the feeds of some of my favorite Paris-based influencers, it became evident that there are actually a few key summer staples this group is turning to when styling non-skinny jeans.

While you could really pair a variety of items with loose jeans, the pieces French women are reaching for below are particularly easy and chic. Keep scrolling for more styling and shopping inspiration. 

Author: Manuel

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