7 Summer Trends We’re Skipping and 7 We’re Buying ASAP

You can just feel the excitement in the air for summer. With talk of the vacations we’re manifesting, the new-season trends bubbling up, and general enthusiasm for the reemergence ’fits and revenge heels we’ll be wearing in the reopening world, summer fashion is all our editors can talk about right now.

Curious to find out what they’ll actually be wearing once the warm weather hits, I asked our team to share the new summer fashion trends they’re eyeing for 2022, as well as the pieces that won’t be in their rotations. Predictable basics and hard-to-wear pieces aren’t making the cut this summer for our editors, but let me just tell you that the future of fashion looks bright. Our team is ready to embrace all of the bold prints and fun trends poised to take over this summer, and I’m already feeling really jazzed about all of the sartorial newness that’s just around the corner.

Author: Manuel

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