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Number of years Italy’s Reggio di Calabria, December 2, 1946 – July 15, 1997 (Miami Beach, Florida, United States)
Practical training: He began working in a Francesca Versace Elle apparel store workshop at a young age.
Achievements built a fashion empire and one of the most iconic logos in the luxury fashion industry, which is shaped after Medusa Gorgon’s head. The company creates footwear, apparel, and accessories in addition to perfumes and even home decor goods.

The new season of “American Crime Story” premieres on January 17 in the rest of the world (and a day later in Russia), and it chronicles the tale of the murder of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace on his doorstep by psychopath Andrew Cunanan 20 years ago. The event shocked society profoundly.

Even Nevertheless, one of the designers of 1990s fashion has passed away. He frequently claimed that he created his company in the likeness of a family, following the Italian Renaissance business model: “You can trust them. You are still loved if you fight them. Versace was well-liked outside of the family as well; the designer was well-known in circles very different from those of the stylish layer cake.

Today, exhibitions, music, books and films are dedicated to him. The series “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American History Crimes” has not been endorsed by the brand (read – the family), but that only adds to its resonance. In honor of the premiere, we recalled some of the designer’s achievements that most strongly influenced the development of fashion and culture. In an interview, Versace recklessly said that it makes “clothes for escorts.” Later, she was repeatedly reminded of this phrase, however, the fact is indisputable – the fashion designer did everything to make sexuality on the verge of vulgarity come into fashion for many years.

Anatomical slits on dresses, high-heeled shoes, dresses and tight pants – all this has become a set of trademark clichés. Eloquent proof of the popularity of her babydolls, opening more body, captured in the film “Showgirls”: it was the dress of “Verseys” that the young dancer Naomi dreamed of buying (and bought) for her first serious paycheck.

The influence of Versace on the style of the Russian enriched of the early 1990s is a popular legend, the veracity of which is however difficult to confirm today. Launched in 1979, the brand’s men’s line is said to have introduced crimson blazers around the same time. The design is loved by the most successful businessmen of new Russia, and it was they who they brought back from Europe as a souvenir.

Well, Chinese fashion workers created more accessible versions for those who were just starting out in their careers. There is also another, linguistic version: about the slang “raspberry” and how the color of the jackets fits into the set of rules of the Russian mafia. How it actually was, one can only guess.

It’s hard to believe today, but before Versace, it never occurred to anyone to suggest that women wear leggings instead of pants. The designer did not just suggest it, but managed to make the leggings + pumps combination a trend for many years to come. Initially, he decorated an element of the male wardrobe with prints that made him famous: leopard skin, golden chains, Gorgon Medusa, works inspired by the work of Warhol – the leggings were covered with patterns so brilliant that fashion editors do not hesitate to qualify them as kitsch. . But the public simply adored them.

As if feeling, or rather contributing to the beginning of an era of overconsumption, Gianni Versace managed to redesign even the models, adding the prefix “super” to them. He invited photographers backstage at fashion shows, gave interviews to journalists, stood in frame with his favorite models, went to the public after the show in an embrace with models and, it seems , did everything to make these girls become celebrities.

Largely thanks to him, Linda Evangelista could afford “not to get out of bed for less than 10,000 dollars” and it was thanks to him that a whole cast of top models of the 1990s appeared, five of which are Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, Carla Bruni and Cindy Crawford – took part in the spring-summer 2018 show, which Donatella dedicated to the 20th anniversary of her brother’s death. The name of world famous fashion designer Gianni Versace is associated with a progressive look at the image of a modern woman, which combines not only elegance, but also dynamism, even eccentricity.

He called himself the “King of Baroque”, among his admirers are Hollywood stars, pop stars, sports stars, American astronauts, royalty, millions of ordinary people. Gianni Versace’s style not only covers clothes, accessories, glasses, perfumes, tableware, telephones, furniture and cars are produced under this brand. On December 2, this brilliant master, who changed the idea of ​​​​fashionable style, would have turned 67 years old. On this date, I offer you to get acquainted with 15 interesting facts from his biography.

1. The mother of the future fashion designer worked as a seamstress in her own studio, where Gianni was born. Since childhood, he was surrounded by fabrics, which later turned into beautiful dresses. Father was in home appliance sales. In addition to Gianni, two other children were growing up in the family.

Parents wanted to see their younger son an architect, so after graduating from school he entered university, but he did not have to study there for a long time – his mother needed an assistant. And since Gianni was at her right hand in carrying out various missions, he returned to his hometown of Reggio di Calabria. At the age of 18, he started working in the family shop.

He not only helped his mother place orders and deliver fabrics, but also attended fashion shows and became interested in fashion design trends. 2. In 1972 he moved to Milan and began to work as a designer in several companies, he was immediately noticed by famous Italian fashion designers. And in 1978, 32-year-old Gianni Versace opened his own model home, where he furnished both his older brother and younger sister.

The first parade of women’s clothing caused a sensation. “Sunglasses were put on the forefront to shield the eyes from this luminous splendor,” the papers wrote. 3. The head of the Gorgon has become the emblem of the House of Models. According to the master, the ancient Greek jellyfish is a symbol of fatal charms that paralyze and hypnotize a person with its beauty and simplicity.


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