I’m 57, and My Daughter Is 25—6 Summer Shoe Trends We Love

Melissa Meyers and her daughter Rachel Meyers are always interesting sources for style inspiration. While age certainly should have nothing to do with what you do or don’t wear (always go for what you love), it’s often intriguing that both women covet the same trends despite the 32-year age difference. Currently, summer shoes are on both of their minds. And yes, there are specific footwear silhouettes that the Meyers women won’t miss out on this season.

The shoe trends in question are all forward and versatile, in that they can be styled with a smattering of summer outfits. Below, you’ll uncover visual references from the duo along with insights into why they both adore the trends. There are also product recommendations if you’re in the mood to shop for new shoes as well. 

Author: Manuel

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