I’m In The Mood For Something Luxe, These 30 Items I Love

Buying an investment piece makes me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. It’s a great feeling to save up for something that you will have for years to come, and will always add confidence when you put it on. Personally, when it comes to investment pieces I’m all about the accessories. That way you maximize the number of times you wear your extra special luxury item and get more bang for your buck. In all honesty, I just love a good accessory.

When looking for great luxury pieces there are three retailers that stand out to me, Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, and Shopbop. They always have the coolest designer pieces and great return policies and customer service, which is important when spending a good amount of money on a bag or a pair of shoes. There are 30 items that are filling up my wish list that I adore so much that I can’t even decide which items I need the most. 

Keep scrolling to see which luxe items made the cut. 

Author: Manuel

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