Reviewed: Sunnies Face Fluffmate Weightless Matte Lipstick

When it comes to lipstick, matte is usually my choice finish and formula. For about a year into the pandemic, I was loyal to a seriously no-budge, mask-proof lipstick that wouldn’t transfer no matter what. Since then, I’ve eased up on those and have opted for more lightweight, velvety mattes, which is exactly how Fluffmate feels. The packaging is also simple yet chic, an indistinguishable beige tube with the brand name embossed on the cap. (It’s also very secure, which is something I appreciate these days since I’ve had trouble with magnetic tube lipsticks coming apart in my purse and getting all over the lining. Not cute.)

As a red lip girl for life, the first shade I reached for was Hot Sauce, a tomato red. (Major, another crimson shade, is a true, blue-based red and might be more of the Ruby Woo by MAC of the line). Orangey reds have been my preference in recent years, and Hot Sauce was an immediate winner. The pigment was vivid and rich, but not heavy or drying. It went on smoothly and easily and stayed on perfectly after I did my routine two-blot tissue move.

While it’s not bulletproof (it will transfer to your mask or burrito), the fade-out was even and my lips still looked nice, even after eating a saucy meatball and a cannoli. Another thing I appreciate about the lipstick is that it isn’t scented. (I’ve grown a bit tired of the traditional vanilla smell when it comes to lipsticks.)

Author: Manuel

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