These $60 Shoes Changed My Mind About Hiking

While I love the occasional nature adventure, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “hiking girl.” Whenever I hike, I enjoy the experience but halfway through I usually need a long break and have always struggled with what to wear to feel comfortable. Sneakers were always the no-brainer shoe choice but I always finished the hike with my feet feeling sore. I thought this was just an indicator that the great outdoors didn’t want to love me back—until I went to Joshua Tree wearing Tevas and ended my day with not one once of pain. After test-driving the pair in the wild. it’s safe to say I found my new hiking shoe of choice. The sole is soft and cushions your feet, all while keeping you grounded and balanced. I thought I was going to slip everytime I climbed a rock but the shoe had a grip that never let me down.

I never considered a hiking sandal, and it seems like I’m late to joining the party because when I posted my ‘fit to my Instagram, I received quite a few DMs from friends expressing love for their Tevas. Even after I came back from Joshua Tree, my sandals have transitioned seamlessly into my regular wardrobe. With a variety of prints, colorways, and styles, it’s easy to find a sandal that fits your personal style. Keep scrolling to see the Teva picks that have officially made it into my wardrobe and see what catches your eye. Trust me, these will change your life too. 

Author: Manuel

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