These Are the 7 Best Frankies Bikinis Styles

Walking through the streets of New York City the past few days, I’ve consistently seen a line that spanned multiple blocks of women waiting to go into a SoHo clothing store. If you know New York, you know this is nothing new. But as a shopping fanatic, I had to know what was getting the girls so excited. I’m not one to let an investigation interrupt my commute, so I took to social media to find out what exactly the hype in SoHo is about this time around. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a Frankies Bikinis sale that received all of this attention.

The brand has received quite a lot of fanfare, so when I was assigned the role of testing out its pieces for myself I was ecstatic. I have to start off by telling you how good the sizing is. I always order the same size when I first try out a new swimsuit brand and often end up disappointed when the fit doesn’t come out just right. In the case of Frankies Bikinis, everything was as true to size as can be which is a genuine refresher. The fabrics were also next-level, coming in many textures. They’ve also already survived my first wash without a scratch. I could go on for ages, so let’s just get to the swimsuits.

Author: Manuel

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