We Tested Popular Perfumes on Strangers—the Results Are In

It’s no secret that I love my fellow fashion editors, but the colleagues who I would actually trust with my life just so happen to be beauty editors. For every skincare woe or hair emergency I have, my questions go directly to them, and they deliver with some of the best product recommendations I’ve ever gotten. Whenever we transition to a new season, I love to find a new fragrance to define the era. I know the beauty team at Who What Wear has tried pretty much every fragrance that exists under the sun, so this time around, I asked for their advice. The simple question “What’s your favorite perfume?” led to so much advice and so many product recommendations that I couldn’t decide on just one.

One of my greatest loves in life is meeting new people, so as an icebreaker, I decided to ask people their thoughts on the new fragrances I was trying. The audience for my new perfume ended up being a range of complete strangers on elevator rides and new industry friends I was having coffee with. And are we surprised that I received positive reviews on every fragrance that I tried? I’m not. Below, see which of the scents I tried got the most love.

Author: Manuel

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