Who What Wear Podcast: 2022 Swimsuit Trends

I’m really excited to talk about swim trends for summer 2022. Let’s start with some general overall themes, trends, and looks that you’re into. 

Lauren Eggertsen: First up this summer, we’re really seeing high shine and glitter pop. We love this trend because it applies to all kinds of silhouettes, as it’s really all about either that textured glitter look or that really rich and silky material. Celeb- and editor-approved brands to shop for this trend are Isa Boulder and Oséree.

Another trend we’re seeing that’s a bit more niche is tanks, shorts, and tankinis. It’s kind of more for that nostalgic, throwback sort of a feel. Think tankinis and little booty shorts with matching swim skirts. Frankie’s Bikinis and Triangl do a really nice, more full-coverage short moment, but you can still pair those with a tiny bikini top to get the best of both worlds.

Excellent. What else should we be looking for? 

Michelle Scanga: Oh for sure, I have thoughts. I’m playing off of what Lauren said with the high shine and glitter—we’re seeing a lot of rich materials and rich moments like the shine and gemstone colors like a deep emerald or ruby hue. Cult Gaia’s swimwear is so beautiful and plays into a lot of this. We’re also seeing a lot of hardware with gold chains or loops just to kind of lean into that rich, elegant sort of vibe. 

Another trend that we’re seeing is one that we’ve coined “happy prints,” which is all of the fun retro prints such as big florals and fun ’70s mix-and-match prints on swimsuits. And then one other trend to call out is different scoopy silhouettes. This includes super, super deep, low-cut backs on one-pieces that maybe have a nice side-boob situation, which is always elegant but then a little bit sexy as well.

Author: Manuel

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