Yasmeen Fletcher on Her “Beyond-Fulfilling” Ms. Marvel Role

Playing dress-up for hours on end with Bhasin was Fletcher’s favorite part of the filming process, which is unsurprising considering she, too, has dabbled in the world of costume design. As a young girl, Fletcher was dead set on a career in fashion design, often filling up notebooks with sketches of dresses. Despite choosing a different career path, her love of clothing and costumes has always remained, so when a good friend of hers approached her about doing wardrobe for a short film she was directing, Fletcher jumped at the opportunity. The experience, which included 17 (yes, 17!) outfit changes for the lead character alone, gave the actress a newfound appreciation for the world of costume design. “Being on the other side as an actress is really interesting because I think you look at certain character choices in their wardrobe in a different way,” she tells us. “The way that you break down a script as an actor is just so different from how you break down a script as a makeup artist or as wardrobe or as set design. And having acted already, in a way, breaking down a script brought something really interesting and little, minute choices.” Fletcher will be the first to tell you the job was no easy feat, giving credit where credit is due to the costume designers working on series and full-length features. 

As for her personal style choices, Fletcher remains an avid thrifter, which she says has given her a ton of freedom to express herself on a unique level. “I think it’s so much cooler to show up and wear something that you put together yourself, and it was a fun experience to dig through and find it,” she adds. “I think my fashion and style is still evolving, but the more that I gather pieces that I like, the more it progresses.” 

Author: Manuel

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